Hi there.


   I'm Alexandria Corza and I currently live in Palmdale, California. That's the high desert on the opposite side of the mountains from Los Angeles. 

I have three black cats named Flash, Melon, and Kelsey, a 1972 refurbished Volkswagen Bug, and a wonderful co-habitator of 22 years, in the form of my husband Jim. 

I like long walks from my bedroom to the living room, shiny things, and creating art. Mainly book cover art. 


I've been extremely lucky in that I've managed to create artwork for almost every single genre out there and I've loved every minute of it.


Currently I freelance with self published authors, Dreamspinner Press Inc., and anyone else that will have me. I'm always striving to grow and hone my  art and I'm eternally grateful for all the authors I have worked with who have allowed me to work on their covers.

I have an A.A. degree with honors in multi-media/web graphic design as well as over 15 years experience working with Photoshop and Illustrator creating artwork, for clients and fun. 

In my free time I paint, sculpt, and work on a line of creepy cute illustrated monsters that I am currently trying to get to take over the world. 


Contact me if you'd like to speak about your project. I'm always happy to help out. :)

Thanks, and nice to meet you!


Palmdale, California / alexandriacorza@gmail.com / All rights reserved / all images copyrighted.